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Fixed packages

Assemble yourself



  • 1 hour BeerBike ride

  • Designated driver included

  • Limitless beer during the ride



  • 1,5 hour ride

  • Designated driver included

  • Limitless beer during the ride



  • 2 hour BeerBike

  • Designated driver included

  • keg 30L beer (adjustable)



  • 2 hour BeerBike

  • Designated driver included

  • keg 30L beer (adjustable)

Your own location


Create your own package

  • Where, How long, How much beer...

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Number of people

Up to 20 people

  • 10 pedallers

  • 8 seats without pedals

  • 1 bartender

  • 1 driver


  • We have a bluetooth speaker on every BeerBike

  • You can connect your wireless devices to play music.


  • 50L Keg

  • 30L keg

  • Bring your own keg

  • Bring your own bottles/cans

Frequently asked questions


Designated Driver

  • You can rent a designated driver from us if you start and finish on the same location.

  • If you prefer to provide your own one or more designated drivers, they must each sign a driver's declaration.

  • In the cities of Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, and Leuven, having a designated driver from our company is mandatory.



  • If you hire a Designated Driver from us and the BeerBike has an accident due to a mistake made by the DD, our insurance will cover the damages.

  • If the BeerBike has an accident due to a defect on the bike itself, our insurance will cover the damages.

  • If you provide your own Designated Driver and the BeerBike has an accident due to a mistake made by this Designated Driver, typically your personal liability insurance should cover the damages. Please verify this with your insurance broker.

  • If the accident is caused by a third party, it is the insurance of that person or the person themselves who will cover the damages.


Security deposit

  • A deposit of 150 euros will be charged.

  • The deposit is paid in advance when making the reservation for the BeerBike.

  • It will be refunded during the week following the rental.

  • If something is broken, missing, the group is not back on time, or aggression is used against a BeerBike staff member, the entire deposit will be withheld.

  • After repair, replacement, and/or calculation, the remaining amount of the deposit will be refunded to the account of the person who paid the deposit.


Drinks, Refrigeration, cups

Ordering drinks from BeerBike

  • You can order beer barrels from us in either 30L or 50L sizes. Our barrels are pre-cooled and are kept cold with an onboard cooling system to guarantee cold beer.

  • We will connect and set up the barrels for tapping.

  • CO² (carbon dioxide) is included.

  • We provide 50 cups per barrel.

Bringing your own barrel

  • If you prefer to bring your own beer barrel, you can rent our tap system. We will provide the CO² (carbon dioxide) and a cooling system to keep the beer cold during the ride.

  • We will connect and set up the barrels for tapping.

  • You need to provide your own cups.

  • Make sure to store your barrel in a cool place before bringing it on the BeerBike.

Bringing your own cans or bottles

  • If you bring your own cans or bottles, there is no additional cost.

  • There is no onboard cooling for these drinks, so it's best to bring a cooler.

  • Ensure that you have a sturdy container to prevent glass bottles from falling into the street.

  • You are responsible for cleaning up the waste afterwards.


How many people?

There is room for a maximum of 20 people per BeerBike

  • 12 saddles on the sides (10 of them have pedals)

  • 6 seats (3 on the bench in the front, 3 on the bench in the back)

  • 1 bartender behind the tap

  • 1 driver

  • So If you rent a Designated Driver from us, there are 19 places left for your group per BeerBike

Bigger groups?

  • We have 7 BeerBikes of 20 people each.

  • Total of 140 people at once.

  • Do you have a bigger group? We have a healthy understanding with our competitors.



  • There is a bluetooth speaker on every beerbike. You can connect your device wireless to play music.

  • "You are responsible for the consequences of any noise disturbance.

  • Nighttime noise is just one form of noise pollution. So, it's not the case that you can produce excessive noise on public roads before 10 PM.


Speed, distance

  • You will be driving slightly faster than walking pace, approximately 7 km/h.

  • Every group is different of cource.

  • Keep in mind that you will start off considerably faster than you will go towards the end.


Reservation, availability

How can I make a reservation?

  • Follow the steps provided on the main page above.

  • We will let you know if the desired time slot is available.

  • You confirm the order.

  • We will send you a payment link.

  • You make the payment for the rental and the deposit.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

  • During the warm months, weekends and holidays, They tend to fill up quickly. It's best to book early!

  • During the colder months or weekdays, you can usually make a reservation within the same week.

For how many people can we book?

  • We have 7 BeerBikes available for 20 people each.

  • So accommodating 140 people is not a problem.

  • Do you have a larger group? We have good connections with our competitors.

Can we reserve a bike outside Belgium?

  • Unfortunately, we only deliver within Belgium.


Where can we drive? Permission?

  • You do not need to obtain permission from your city or town to ride a BeerBike.

  • You are allowed to ride on all public roads except for roads with a speed limit of 90 km/h or highways.

  • You are not allowed to ride on bicycle lane.

  • You are not allowed to enter streets marked as "except cyclists."

  • Try to avoid busy roads.

  • Drive safely, defensively, and use common sense above all else!


Lights, Drive at night

You are allowed to ride the BeerBike in the dark or during rainy weather.


  • Two front lights

  • Two rear lights

  • Bright white LED lighting underneath the entire roof of the BeerBike.

  • Optional orange flashing light to indicate that the BeerBike is slow-moving traffic on dark roads.



  • You are allowed to decorate the BeerBike.

  • Nothing should be applied that covers our advertising panels.

  • The decoration should be applied and removed during the rental period.

  • Decorations should be attached using cords or strips.

  • All decorations must be removed using your own tools without damaging the BeerBike.

  • Stickers, adhesive tape, and duct tape are prohibited!